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Thai massage makes use of moderate pressure and stretching methods in relaxing your body.

This is an ancient treatment method with its origins in India. It can be traced back to about 2,500-7,000 years.

The techniques used by our Thai massage therapists are very different from those used in some western massage treatments. This kind of massage is quite different from shiatsu or Swedish massage because while you will lying passively on the bed in Swedish massage, in Thai massage, you’re lying on the floor, but you will actively participate in the massage.

Thai massage is suitable for all ages, but not everyone can receive it. People with certain health conditions (such as cancer or cardiovascular disease), pregnant women, and people who have just undergone surgery should not receive Thai massage because the technique may be harmful to their health.

How Does Thai Massage Work?

In most Thai massages, your therapist will provide you with a combination of a shirt and trousers. After that, you will enter the bathroom or dressing room. You can wear your own clothes, but wearing the clothes provided to you is a more relaxing experience. They are much more loose, clean, and comfortable.

During the massage, you will be stretched, pulled, and moved around by the Thai massage therapist. For this, your therapist will use every part of their body, including the thumb, elbow, and knee.

Some masseurs may even step on you. This method is quite different from the massage method used in Western countries. There is no kneading, of course, as Thai massage is not gentle. Remember, Thai massage can be a bit painful as well as unpleasant.

Your masseuse will tend to make it more or less intense depending on your body size and your age. If they don’t seem to notice your pain, please let them know so they can adjust their tempo.

Although Thai massage has a long history, it is still a relatively new technique in Western society. Recent studies have shown that Thai massage has many health benefits, such as improving blood circulation, improving range of motion, and reducing stress levels.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Increased flexibility and range of motion

Thai massage is a combination of compression, acupressure, and passive stretching. It improves the flexibility of your joints as well as your muscles. This also helps to improve your general body posture.

Relieves back pain

Thai massage is usually centered on parts of the body that normally cause back pain, for example, the abdomen and inner thighs. However, if you always have low back pain, it is recommended that you see a doctor before the massage.

Reduces the severity of headache

A study found that nine traditional Thai massages in three weeks can relieve headaches in people with chronic severe headaches and migrain

Relieves stress

In another study, researchers found that Thai massage can reduce stress

Helps stroke patients

A 2012 study found that stroke patients who received regular Thai massage were better able to recover their daily life ability. They may also have lower pain levels and better sleep.
Other benefits of Thai massage include:

● Better sleep
● Better relaxation
● Improved digestion
● Calm thinking or high consciousness

Is Thai Massage Right for Me?

Thai massage has many health benefits, but it also has its limitations.

If you suffer from any of the following health conditions, please consult your healthcare provider before receiving Thai massage, as this may affect your circulatory system.

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Nervous system diseases that affect the spinal cord
  • Cardiovascular diseases
A well-trained massage therapist can adjust the intensity and pressure to suit the client. However, when you are recovering from an injury, please avoid Thai massage. Even at the lowest intensity, Thai massage may cause further harm to the body.

People who have cancer, are pregnant, or are recovering should not receive Thai massage. It has been noted by experts that the physical strength of this massage technique caused health complications and increased injuries.