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This is Monchut Massage, Coventry. We know from experience the remarkable effects our work has on you. We are a team of experienced massage therapists, with a good number of masseurs and masseuses, courteous yet highly professional. We take great care in making sure we deliver great value to you. We are poised to be known as the best massage centre in all of Coventry. We will not be the judge if we are, we will let you.

To truly define our business, and we make sure to preserve this, you need the following words:

Professional team

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Services by Professional Massage Therapists

1Thai Massage

Thai massage is a massage therapy technique where gentle pressure and stretching techniques are used to relax the whole body. This is an ancient healing practice tracing its origins to India. It dates back to over 2,500 years ago. During the massage session, the therapist uses the hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches, joint movements, acupressure while also applying deep muscle compression. When well executed by professionals like us, the results are remarkable. We take delight in that smile on your face when we complete the session you usually do not want to end.


2Deep Tissue Massage

A type of massage therapy, deep tissue massage involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles).

When you observe chronic aches and pain or severe contraction is some parts of the body such as the neck, upper back, lower beg, thighs, or shoulders, then it is time to receive our deep tissue massage. During our deep tissue massage session, your assigned therapist employs stripping (involves Deep, gliding pressure applied along the length of the muscle fibers using the elbow, forearm, knuckles, and thumbs) and friction (where pressure is applied across the grain of a muscle to release adhesions and realign tissue fibers). This massage therapy is also executed alongside instructing you to take deep breaths. Because we are professionals, we are able to execute this expertly to give you the required benefits. Book and appointment now.


3Swedish Massage

We say massage is great for relaxation. And we mean our Swedish massage where the therapist applies light-to-firm pressure with light long strokes intended to ease the surface tension and increase blood circulation in the muscles. This massage involves long gentle rhythmic movements across the skin. There are usually also short fast strokes that create heat in a local area to promote circulation and ease local tension. Our massage therapist also applies vibration strokes, which are rapid superficial movements using the fingertips or palms. The combination of strokes is so effective that you really enjoy it, and come off relaxed. Book you appointment today.


4Sports Massage

Although it is called Sports Massage, it is not just for sports men and women. It is so named because it is targeted at relieving pain from tight muscles due to occupational demands such as athletics, fitness, choreography, dance, and similar occupations. We would normally perform a sports massage just before events, or after events, during training or when acute pain or muscular tightness related with occupational demands are experienced.

The strokes and actions the therapist deploys may seem like a regular massage to you, but the specific combination and location of application (specific joints, muscle groups, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissue groups) are designed for the specific goals of sports massage such as improve and maintain tissue flexibility, and reduce muscle tension and risk of injury. Because of our training, expertise and experience, we are able to execute this specialist massage therapy properly. Our session may involve the use vigorous and rhythmic strokes to excite muscle fibres, and or slow massage strokes targeted at muscle relaxation and waste product removal for muscle recovery. Book your session now.



5Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage takes its name from the smooth, flat, heated stones used during the session. The stones are usually made of basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat, and they are usually heated using professional electric massage stone heater to around 130 degrees. The therapist places these stones on specific parts of your body such as along your spine, stomach, chest, face, palms, feet and toes. The localized heat and weight of the stones warm and relax muscles, allowing the massage therapist to apply deeper pressure to those areas without causing discomfort. Our knowledge of anatomy guides our stone placement, yet we have the overarching goal to give your body and mind energy balance.

Our massage therapists may hold these heated stones as they massage your body using Swedish massage strokes such as the long strokes, circular movements, vibration strokes rhythmic in nature, or the simple tapping and kneading. Book your session now.


6Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is specifically targeted at releasing tension in the muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders using acupressure and circular massage strokes to improve hair and scalp condition. As the name implies, it originated from India but is now very popular globally due to its simplicity and portability. It can be carried out without oils, through light clothing. It is very effective in softening the skin and deeply conditioning the hair when the right oils are used.

Depending on need for jaw joint pain and muscle tension relief, our session may include rubbing the masticatory muscles first from the outside of the cheek, and then from the inside of the mouth with a suitable rubber glove. Book your session today.


7Chinese Massage

You have read the several benefits of massage to health and well-being. It is for this reason massage generally belongs to what is called alternative medicine. However, to the Chinese, massage is part of traditional medicine! During your Chinese massage or Tui Na session, our specially trained Chinese massage therapists use a range of techniques to achieve the goal: pressing, knuckle-rolling, squeezing, kneading, digging, dragging, plucking, tweaking, hammering, pushing, stretching, vibration, knocking, and even tread on the body with the feet. With the right combination of techniques, massage is able to jump-start blood and overall body thereby removing external causes of blockage.

This massage therapy target acupressure points, those points which are targets along the body that are around clusters of nerve endings, mast cells, lymphatics, and capillaries, all capable of triggering biochemical and physiological changes in the body. You want a Chinese massage? Book an appointment!


8Aromatherapy Massage

Imagine using essential oils alongside our Swedish massage, or deep tissue massage or hot stone massage to improve the overall benefits. That is what our aromatherapy massage session is. We use essential oils derived from plants, herbs or trees: cedarwood, chamomile, geranium, ginger, lavender, lemon, orange, peppermint, and tea tree. This massage therapy is specifically known to reduce the pain and discomfort of menstrual cramps


9Herbal Compress Massage

Or imagine where our massage therapist uses a muslin cloth is infused with herbs and spices (steamed to release their medicinal properties) with strokes and movements to the compress balls across your body, creating a series of circular motions to aid the release of toxins and penetrate heat into the tissues. That is our herbal compress massage therapy. We use various blends of herbs such as a mix of kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, turmeric, and tamarind.

Our herbal compress massage induces profound relaxation, enables stress and fatigue relief, and improves overall emotional and physical well-being. Book your session today


10Pregnancy Massage

Whether it is pre-natal massage or post-natal massage, we have the expertise to adapt our Swedish massage, deep tissue massage or Chinese massage to mitigate anxiety, pain and sleeplessness usually associated with pregnancy due to the accompanying natural anatomical changes. We know the safe postures, the right pressures to apply and applicable techniques. Book your session today.


Massage Near Me

Have you landed on this page wondering if you need a massage? With great thrill, we dedicate a few paragraphs to highlight to you why there should be no hesitation in booking your massage sessions regularly.

The General Council for Soft Tissue Therapies (GCMT) tasked with defining industry standards around massage, osteopathy and therapies in this group for the United Kingdom, agrees with the American Massage Therapy Organization (AMTO) on the many benefits of massage therapies. In general, massage has the following benefits:

Stress relief

Yes. Experts say it can be safe to get a massage or acupuncture treatment during COVID-19 if certain guidelines are followed, such as cleaning tables in between visits and having sufficient air circulation in rooms. We are very punctual with these guidelines because your health and safety is our business.

Headaches and migraines

Studies and experience have shown and proven the remarkable effect of massage on relieving pains due to headaches and gradually reduces the frequency of migraines.

Pain reduction and relief

Massage is excellent for relieving and reducing pains associated with osteoarthritis, post-injury, post-operation, pains in the neck-shoulder area, upper body, legs, back, scalp, temples, or face.

Immunity enhancement

The soothing and relieving effect of massage therapies are very effective in alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Cardiovascular health enhancement

The soothing and relieving effect of massage therapies are very effective in alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Alleviation of sleep problems

The soothing and relieving effect of massage therapies are very effective in alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Energy boost

The soothing and relieving effect of massage therapies are very effective in alleviating the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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Massage Near Me: Some Questions and Answers

Is it safe to have a massage during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes. Experts say it can be safe to get a massage or acupuncture treatment during COVID-19 if certain guidelines are followed, such as cleaning tables in between visits and having sufficient air circulation in rooms. We are very punctual with these guidelines because your health and safety is our business.

How long does a massage session last?

Depending on the massage therapy chosen and techniques employed, a massage session may be as quick as 15minutes and could take well over one hour.

Can massage cause injury?

Generally, no. The risk of injury associated with having a massage performed by a professional is very low. However, there could be slight pain or soreness following some more intensive massage sessions which are entirely normal and subside after some hours. Most massages are considered safe. Nevertheless, injury is possible due to pre-existing conditions not revealed prior to the session. As professionals, we make sure to discuss your needs and condition ahead of every session and may require you talk to a doctor before having a session.

Is massage safe during pregnancy?

Generally, yes. That massage can cause miscarriage is a myth. Massage therapy during pregnancy has been shown to provide many benefits, including a sense of wellness, improved relaxation, and better sleep. However, seeking expertise is essential because certain techniques and trigger points in the body can cause contractions and premature labor.

How do I prepare for a massage session?

We have dedicated this whole page to discuss how to prepare for massage sessions, what to wear, and things like that. It is important to have the right ideas to make the best of your massage therapy!

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